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Medical Compression Varicose Socks


Knee High Open Toe

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Level 3 ( 30-40 mmHg )


Beige and Black


70% Nylon + 30% Spandex


Man and Women






Standard / Opaque

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Sold as a Pair



The product is classified as assisted stockings for medical use, imposing certain amount of pressure on legs to prevent blood clot around legs and varicosity.


Our compression stockings with upgraded nylon material which is perfectly breathable, swift moisture-wicking qualities will shield against the development of troubling fungal feet infections. The compression socks are flexible and can be extended.

Compression stockings is proven to improve circulation, reduce swelling, move faster, support foot arch, react quicker and use less energy. Targeted compression zones provide varying levels of support from moderate to extra firm. Help relieve pain & discomfort related to plantar fasciitis. With sweat absorption, shaping, deodorant, anti stripping, anti friction, breathable and other functions.

Our compression stockings are recommended by doctors and preferred by trainers. Provide mild squeezing for warmness and enhance blood moving through your legs. Remove stress and stimulate every cell, relieves symptoms of spider and varicose veins and excess fluid retention. Help relieve pain & discomfort related to plantar fasciitis. Form fitting, lightweight, and breathable fabric features maintain joint stability regardless of activity.

Applicable people:

1.People who keep standing for long time, such as teachers,policemen,cosmetologists,shopping guides, doctors and nurses.

2. People sitting for long time: IT practitioners, white collar workers and civil servants. These people tend to stand or sit for long time. The subsequent muscle fatigue and gravitation could lead to improper backflow of blood in legs and further lower extremity venous-related diseases.

3. Pregnant women and those who keep taking contraceptives -internal hormone alters and weight increases during pregnancy, the fetus and enlarged womb oppress pelvic venous and iliac vein, venous pressure increase in legs, all these could lead to improper backflow of blood in legs and further lower extremity venous-related diseases.

4. People who frequently take business trips by plane and coach like stewardess are vulnerable to "economy class syndrome" owing to the improper backflow of blood in legs caused by weightlessness at high altitude. They may fall victim to lower extremity venous-related diseases and even pulmonary embolism.

5. People suffering obesity. High-level cholesterol and lipid in blood can make blood backflow difficult, causing lower extremity venous-related diseases.

6. People who are much likely to fall victim to deep venous thrombosis, such as those suffering from malignant tumors, hemiplegic symptoms and broken legs and people just received an operation, women at the final stage of pregnancy and delivery women as well as the elderly.

7. People who want to have well-shaped legs and those going through liposuction. The stockings can compress, lift, pull and group the muscles in legs to prevent sagging and remedy shape of legs.

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Which Compression Level is Right for You?

Compression stockings are medical grade devices designed to move blood flow.

Support compression stockings are made available in multiple compression support levels. Most commonly compression support stockings come in mild (8-15 mmHg) , Medium (15-20 mmHg) , Firm (20-30 mmHg) , Extra Firm (30-40 mmHg) , RX (40-50mmHg)  gradient compression levels.

Compression Therapy Guide:

The benefits of Compression Therapy are plentiful and the reasons vary from person to person why you may choose to wear compression socks or stockings. As shown in the above chart, some of the most prevalent symptoms or conditions that benefit from compression therapy are:

    • Pregnancy related swelling and vein problems

    • Varicose or spider veins

    • Lymphedema or edema

    • Swelling, pain or blood clots in the lower legs, also known as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

    • Poor circulation from sitting for long periods

    • Post-surgical and post-sclerotherapy treatment

It can even be used as a preventive measure to maintain healthy legs for someone who spends extensive amounts of time on their feet. Quite simply, when we stand still for long periods, the forces of gravity increase the pressure within the veins of the legs where the greater effects happen at the ankle and decreases gradually up the leg and body. This pressure depends on the vertical distance of the column of blood from the heart to the foot. That’s why gradient compression stockings are designed with the pressure greatest at the ankle and diminishing as it moves up the leg in order to counter the effects of the higher venous pressures.

Compression therapy products are put on in the morning upon arising, which is typically before any significant swelling would occur, and then removed at night. Throughout the day the compression prevents blood from pooling in leg veins, which in turn helps your overall circulation and lessens or eliminates any leg swelling you may have.

When shopping for compression socks or stockings, it is best to measure earlier in the day before swelling builds in the legs. Measurements taken later in the day after swelling occurs may cause you to choose an item that is too large and then not effective.

There are many types of compression socks and stockings available without a prescription and they do offer wide-ranging benefits. Before wearing a compression therapy of 20 mmHg (Firm Compression) and above, it is generally recommended to consult your health care provider to find out if graduated compression stockings are right for you. If the answer is yes, they can tell you what pressure grade you should buy for maximum benefit and relief.

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